IT Asset Management

In today’s world, while the components of a computer network and IT systems have become way more complicated, from risk and security of IT Systems to financial implications and application dependencies, one of the main responsibilities of any CIO is to maintain an updated, accurate, informative data on IT software, hardware and virtual/cloud components. 
LEIDIT team understands the complexity to manage an accurate up-to-date collection of records for your tens of thousands of IT assets. We work with you step by step to help you understand the technology, align the process and help your teams to successfully implement our best practices to reach your goals.
We have successfully helped organizations get to over 95% accuracy and we will help you get there too. 

Real life challenges

Real life challenges and how we helped our customers solve them  
Duplicate records
Inaccurate data: due to lack of timely updates

Asset and Configuration Item mismatch

Lack of automated asset validation

Case study

From complete chaos to high accuracy: How we transformed an Agency asset management process through ServiceNow asset management into a dependable and accurate IT asset inventory.


Case study-Problem statement

The organization’s asset management was a continuous struggle. Changes to asset locations and assignments were not controlled and wall to wall inventories did not help maintain an accurate inventory. Lack of central asset procurement and management resulted in continuous mismatches between asset database and wall to wall findings. No matter how many people on the asset team were trying to maintain an accurate asset database all attempts failed. 
LEIDIT solution
LEIDIT worked hand in hand with the customer to understand the challenges and propose the solutions. We took a step by step approach to analyse current practices for both processes and systems and implemented solutions one step at a time. Here is a list of our solutions to the challenges faced


Case study-Challenges

Duplicate assets: Lack of experience in  how the ServiceNow Asset Management module works resulted in creating duplicate assets that the asset team wasn’t aware of
Wrong asset assignment
Asset and their corresponding configuration item records mismatched 100%
No automated asset lifecycle management; all processes for validating and updating the asset records were manual which resulted in many errors

  1. Full analysis of the asset records, creation method, creation date, types of assets, asset procurement records and import records.

  2. Reduced number of fields updated in an asset record form 44 to 15. Fixed import records by requesting vendors to add specific asset information to allow ServiceNow to match the asset with the discovered configuration item

  3. Removed thousands of duplicate assets that were created incorrectly

  4. Matched all assets with their corresponding CIs using complex scripts and bulk validation

  5. Created processes for the request, procurement, receiving, and transferring of assets and automated process in ServiceNow such that the asset records was automatically updated upon changes completed by the automated processes 

  6. Defined stakeholders, roles and responsibilities to enable a structured mechanism and accountability

  7. Defined policies and communication strategies to all stakeholders 

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