The ServiceNow platform is rich with applications to automate your entire business environment. There are times; however, that your business has a specific, custom need for automation. LEIDIT is able to develop custom applications maintained within the ServiceNow platform.

Customized Applications

The potential for custom applications on ServiceNow is almost limitless, and there are many benefits to having enterprise applications on a single platform.

Common user interface – no switching between applications

Single repository of enterprise information to reduce the overhead of maintaining multiple data sources

Reporting and analytics across all processes, improving the accuracy of reporting, and the quality of decision making. Rich user interface on Service Portal 

With our agile software development approach,
project managers gain an updated and transparent view of all project activities.

LEIDIT consulting team includes a certified Scaled Agile Framework Consultant as well as Project Management Professionals. 

Our Agile project management and development methodology proved to work 100% of our engagements

RIMA - LEIDIT's customized Records Inventory Management Application 

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